Begining My Research Journey

My name is Jesse Michael FB_20141228_21_04_42_Saved_PictureLaseman and I am currently a sophomore Accountancy student at Northern Illinois University. With a degree in accounting I hope to work with taxes or audit for a public accounting firm. I am also working on a minor in Economics with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. I chose a minor is Economics because I find economic trends and the stock market interesting and I believe it would help me on my accounting studies.  I am from Belvidere, Illinois and chose NIU because of everything it had to offer. I wanted to attend a larger school because it would have more to offer such as programs, clubs, and opportunities. NIU was also my primary choice to continue my education because the business school and the Accounting Program were competitive.

Since my first day on campus I have remained involved on campus and in the College of Business.  I remained an active member in Delta Sigma Pi (Professional Fraternity), LEAD Ethics organization, Internal Audit Association, Honors Program, Lambda Sigma Honors Society, and other organizations. I also work on campus in a student worker position.

I am very excited to be a part of Research Rookies because it can help me apply my knowledge, let me work with a professor, and build my resume. The part I am most excited about it because it can help me learn more about accounting outside of the classroom and allows me to apply it back to my studies. My only regret is that I joined the Research Rookies program when I was a freshman. I hope to continue research as a second year Research Rookie and with the University Honors Program.

For my research I am interested in the topic of Internal Audit. I grew a passion for this after spending a week job shadowing a Fortune 500 company by the name of Navistar with their Internal Audit team. This externship opportunity with University Honors Program evolved into an internship with the Internal Audit Department at Navistar. It fascinates me how Internal Auditors get to improve any business by assessing areas of risk and turning them into areas of profit. Internal Audit is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations.  In conclusion, Internal Audit strives to fix areas of weakness with any company and improve them while at the same time consulting management on crucial business issues.

I am to meet with a few professors to decide a faculty member to aid me with my research. I am scheduled to meet with Dr. Dave Sinason of the Department of Accounting. I have worked with Dr. Sinason with the Internal Audit Association so I am familiar with his work. His research interests include auditing and governmental accounting, with a specific interest in fraud detection, auditor liability, and governmental auditing. I am excited to meet with Dr. Sinason because he is very well respected in the field and knowledgeable on the topic of internal audit. Another professor that I am scheduled to meet with is Dr. Tim West with the accounting department. I am excited to meet with him and Tim West of the accounting department because I am fascinated with accounting especially in the area of manufacturing. I am excited to learn what they have to say and get to hear the advice they have for me. I also hope they can help me narrow down my research topic. I am excited to continue with my research in the next couple months. I am excited beyond words to learn more about accounting but I am nervous because I understand that it may be difficult do research in the area of business. Business is not like chemistry because I can not run tests and plugging in different chemicals. My research is going to involve a lot of literature review and interviews. I am nervous on how I am going to present my finding because it may not have numerical values. My excitement on doing my research outweighs my nerves.

4 thoughts on “Begining My Research Journey”

  1. Hi Jesse,

    That is really interesting that you want to learn more about internal auditing. One of my friends does a little bit of that for her job and she really likes it. I’m excited to see how your topic turns into a project! Looking forward to meeting with you at Monday’s meeting.


    Megan Geyer
    Undergraduate Research Coordinator

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