Research Mentor Selection

West_TMy research is making great progress as I have selected a faculty mentor. My faculty member is professor Tim West from the College of Business Accountancy Department. His research focuses on cost prediction and performance measurement in two industries: health care and manufacturing. For the past 10 years, Professor West has worked closely with the U.S. Army Medical Command to assess the operational efficiency of Army medicine. I chose Dr. Tim West for many reasons. I primarily chose him because he also has extensive knowledge on the area of public accounting, which is an area of accounting that I may be interested in working or doing research on. Dr. West is also familiar with manufacturing in which is the industry my research will focus on, so his knowledge can be very beneficial. The last reason, I chose Dr. West is because I have not worked with him prior to my research so I get an insight to his knowledge and network with him. I have met with him a couple times to discuss a research topic and to understand internal audit more. I am excited to work with him over the next couple months. He was more than happy to work with me even though his research is different than mine.

My meeting with Dr. Sinason was more than beneficial as he has taught me a lot about Internal Audit and gave me some very valuable professional contacts I can refer to as I continue my research. Dr. Sinason also gave me some materials I can review before I continue my research. Sinason is willing to help with my research as I go forward as I can ask him for questions, which means lot to me. Both, Dr. Sinason and Dr. West showed me how great the professors in the college of business are by going above and beyond for a student. It is the dedication to the students, that is the reason I am happy with my time at NIU.

The topic of my research is in the area of internal audit and international logistics. At the moment, I am doing background research on the topic of Internal Audit and all steps needed to perform an audit process. I am interested in seeing how the internal audit process varies based on the country the audit is being performed in. Business and companies perform on in the global market, so therefore internal audit teams must perform audit in other nations. I am researching and developing a formal process that a company can use to make their audit more efficient and collect more valuable data.  Since my project will involve interviewing accountants in the field I will need to complete the CITI Ethics training and fill out an IBR Application for my research, I am very excited about this opportunity and I get increasingly excited with every article I read or case study I review.

3 thoughts on “Research Mentor Selection”

  1. Hi Jesse,

    Glad that you’re excited about conducting human research! Good luck with the ethics training. It shouldn’t be too bad for you. And once it’s done it’s good for three years, so if you do any other research in that time, you’ll be good to go! Looking forward to learning more about internal audit stuff as you start to do your research.




  2. Jesse,
    I’m glad to see that you’re developing your own research topic and that your mentor is willing to help, even though it isn’t in his realm of research. I recommend getting started on your CITI training and IRB application as soon as possible so that you can get started on your research right away. Keep up the good work!


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