Research Rookies Proposal

Since my last blog post I have finished my rough draft on my research proposal. I learned a lot from completing the CITI Application. For example, I learned what questions are ethically correct to ask and some that are not. I also learned the steps involved in completing the IRB Application. At the end of completing the CITI I received a CITI Completion Report which is attached. I am happy I have finished the CITI because I will not have to complete it again as I continue this project or other projects in my time at Northern. I will not have to complete it again as I continue my research as a second year Research Rookie or as part of my Honors Capstone research project. The CITI was also beneficial when completing my proposal.

I finished the rough draft of my proposal and have identified areas where it needs improvement. For example, my background area needs improvement as I was unsure on how my detail was needed. I had to explain how the culture of China differs from America. I also needed to state the process of my research better and explain in more detail my research. I needed to explain the companies I selected to contact and why I chose those companies I did and the similarities they had. With the help of my student mentor, faculty member, and the Research Rookie program I am now ready to start the research process.  I have some changes to make to my proposal and have to have my IRB application approved before I can start. I am having the challenge of performing a qualitative research model and learning how to collect data. My model is my mentor and me are interviewing internal audit departments of three similar companies and gather evidence. I am having a difficult time figuring out what five questions to ask and how I can turn their reply into valuable data.

I am excited to be able to start doing research and start learning about my topic. I can not wait to discuss my project with community members and faculty at the Huskies Research Rookies Reception. My time with Research Rookies has benefitted greatly throughout the semester by helping my get to know professors that I will have in the near future and motivated me to work hard in my classes and become more of a well-rounded student. My goal is to continue as a second year Research Rookie and hope to become a student member to give back to the program. I am most excited to meet with companies with my findings with hopes to change the internal audit process.

2 thoughts on “Research Rookies Proposal”

  1. Hi Jesse,

    That is great to hear that you are CITI certified now! Excellent!

    It is always a challenge narrowing down what questions to ask in a survey. The co-director of the University of Chicago Survey Lab once told me that if you aren’t going to use the question in your final analysis that it shouldn’t be asked. Questions that are exploratory or would “be nice to know,” can usually get cut from the survey without impacting the study negatively. Hope that helps a bit. Looking forward to reading your chosen questions in your final proposal!




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