Research Rookies Reception


 At the beginning of December, the Research Rookies program hosts a reception to honor the students and mentors participating in the program. It is an opportunity for students to get to know each other and the faculty they will be working with, as well as some of NIU’s administrators and special guests that support the Research Rookies program. This year’s reception was held on December 1st, in Altgeld Auditorium. The Research Program taught us how to give a proper elevator speech about our research process. We were advised to keep our elevator speech under twenty seconds as we introduced ourselves with our major, faculty mentor, and our research topic. My elevator speech went like, “Good Afternoon, my name is Jesse Laseman and I am a sophomore Accounting student at Northern Illinois University.” “I have the pleasure to work with Dr. Tim West from the College of Business Accounting Department and our research is going to focus on internal audit and international logistics. specifically how the internal audit process varies in China, compared to America.” Many of the Research Rookies were nervous to present their elevator speech but I was comfortable with giving mine. I was comfortable presenting because I knew my project and spent much of the semester reviewing it. I was always very comfortable presenting my speech because I have had to give countless elevator speeches in my time at Northern. I give a lot of tours of the College of Business where I have to introduce myself and my studies. I have also given a lot of speeches over the years, both in school or out of school.

I enjoyed the reception because it shows how much Northern, the community, and the College of Business cared about the work my Research Rookies class have done. President Baker, administrators, professors, and community members all showed up for our presentations. It means a lot to see our hard work noticed by the community. and university. Even though my faculty member could not make it to the reception, many members of the College of Business to support Lauren, Rachel, and I. The best part is the fact that the interest in my research is genuine. For example, as soon as the reception came to a close a College of Business graduate student rushed over to me to give more details about my research. Even though this student was clearly more knowledgeable on the subject of Internal Audit he still valued my comments and opinions.

The best part about the reception was the fact that my grandma and mom were my guests for the afternoon. It was nice to have my grandma there because I got to give her a tour of the campus and talk about my studies. It was great to have my mom there because she is my biggest supporter and fan. I got to show her that with her help I have achieved so much at school. I truly believe I would not be where I am without the help of my parentsgrandma

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