Starting Second Semester

As the new semester starts up in the next week, I have been focusing on my research before loosing myself in the next semester. I have spent much of my break doing literature review on the topic of Internal Audit and the culture of China. I have spent countless hours with my nose in Internal Audit books or searching the web. Not only have I arranged to meet with Dr, West on a more frequent basis, I am scheduled to meet with Dr, Sinason as we agreed to meet on a weekly basis. Not only have I been given aid from my faculty members, but company contacts have been more than willing to offer assistance and feedback. The company I am interning for, Navistar, contacted me with other Internal Audit departments I can use as reference to carry out my research. These companies are more than willing to help me out because they want to give back to NIU.

I am kicking my research into high gear because I know how busy next semester will become. I will be joining two honor societies this semester and trying to juggle the many organizations I am already part off. For these reasons, I have been doing the best I can to get ahead in my research. I am more than excited to see what end product my research gives me and presenting my findings to a company. Next year, I would like to become a student mentor so I can help other business students conduct research as it is difficult in my area.


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