First Semester Reflection

My first semester as a undergraduate research participant was eye opening. This semester was my first semester engaging in some sort of undergraduate research. I learned how the process of starting the research process works, as it takes much more than simply background research and doing an experiment. Through experience, I learned how to complete a formal research proposal. Creating my proposal was much more difficult than I thought because I was required to define each step of my research process and had to complete an extensive amount of background research. I also had to complete an IRB application, which was difficult because it had to prepare my interview questions ahead of time and had to provide explanation on why I am asking those questions and what I hope to gain from those questions. While filling out the IRB application, I had to reflect on the vision I had for my research which was very difficult. I also got to practice my elevator speech more and got to expand my professional network.

My first semester in research has been very rewarding. With my internal audit knowledge gained from my research I now have internship with the Internal Audit team at Navistar International. I know it was because of my research because I have not taken a single class on internal audit. My research on internal audit is the only exposure to internal audit. I also was fortunate to meet other professionals in the field who not only helped with my research but offered a lot of advice for the career of internal audit.

My first semester as a student went well as I have achieved a lot. My classes went well as my research motivated me to work as hard as I did on my research. I also moved up in many organizations across campus. I was named the fundraising chair for Delta Sigma Pi and the Editor for the Belief Briefings Newsletter for the Belief Program. I am extremely excited for everything this semester has to offer. DSCN7114

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