Working With My Mentor

One of the best things about working under the Research Rookies program is getting to know my mentor!! The definition of a mentor is that of an experienced and trusted adviser and that is certainly what the program Research Rookies have given me. My faculty mentor is a professor in the College of Business and has extensive amounts of knowledge in the area of Internal Audit. My mentor has been a huge aid in assisting me with the scope of my project and his experiences about Internal Audit with me. He helped me with writing my proposal and assisted with the formation of my interview questions. He has also shared his professional connections with me during my interview process to gain information to present. The Research Rookies program also acts as a mentor to me as they have been a big help mentoring me with the idea of research. They have been a big benefit as I struggled writing my IRB application and completing my ethics training.

My research is going on pace from the projected timeline I created. I have completed all literature review and am ready to start completing interviews to gain data. I had to take a couple steps back as I went from looking at the manufacturing industry to all companies with Internal Audit departments. The reason for this was so I can get more information to present!! I am very satisfied with my research and am excited to do another year!!

This summer I have earned an internship in the Internal audit Department at Navistar International. Navistar is a leading manufacturer of commercial trucks, buses, defense vehicles and engines. I also have plans to continue working special events with the Financial Aid Office at Northern Illinois University on the weekends. I may continue my research over the summer or generate new ideas for a new proposal depending on how this year ends. I do plan on continuing my research next Fall but I would not have time to continue due to my internship!!navistar-logo

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