Being a Research Rookie!!

Recently, I have been thinking about what it means to be a Research Rookie. The Research Rookies basis has been a foundation of what I can achieve at Northern. This program is the concrete foundation on the idea of research and helps me understand the process of research. I have learned a lot through the program and have met a lot of interesting people who are now part of my professional and personal network. I have gained mentors, who I know will always be there to help me and give me advice. I have learned more about Internal Audit outside the classroom compared to in lectures. My knowledge has help me get my internship at Navistar and be able to compete. The Research Rookies program fuels my thirst for knowledge and makes me want to learn as much as I can about business. So in the end ¬†the question is, “what does it mean to be a Research Rookie?”

The answer to that question is simple. Being a Research Rookie means representing NIU. I am representing NIU through my studies and with my interactions with professionals as I survey them and interview them. I also am using this opportunity to learn. In my opinion, there is a reason that Research Rookies alumni continue onto bigger and better things. I am sure they would agree when I say Research Rookies is a large contributing factor for measurable success. I know when I achieve bigger and better things, much credit will be given to the program.

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