Spring Semester Midterm Check

My research has been going according to plan! I have been fortunate to have a professional network who has been helping me in my project by giving advice on internal audit process. My mentor Dr. Sinason has given me some contacts to interview to get a better understanding on the challenges of doing an audit in China. I have been performing interviews to get a better understanding on how the communication and culture differences of China makes the prep and follow through more difficult. We also agreed to make a survey and have it distributed on various internal audit forums and discussion pages. All the pages I have attached the survey too have a total viewership of over 100,000 internal auditors, so if I get a 3% response rate that would still be 3000 responses. By the end of spring break I would have begun to sift through the results to my surveys with my mentor and help use our data to make a conclusion. In the meantime, I have completed a poster design workshop to learn how to best format my poster. After attending my poster workshop I had the motivation to start my poster even though I did not get too far! I completed my the acknowledgement portion and the background information portion. I am happy I started so I do not feel rushed to get it done and I can complete it to the best of my ability and when I work on my poster I get more excited to work on my project. My goal is to finish data collection by the end of spring break and finish my poster before the end of March! To finish my research in time, I just have to use my break to the fullest and work ahead. I am very happy where I am with my research and look forward to getting it done.

Recently, President Baker and Dr. Stover opened their home to the Research Rookies program on March 2. This was a fun activity because I got to talk to my cohort about how their research is going and their plans for the future. I believe the Research Rookies program is missing on the social aspect in allowing us to get to know each other, but the reception was very beneficial in doing that. I also enjoyed the President’s house because it was filled with student art. Art is a fascination of mine and seeing the work of students that I walk past on campus is very exciting. It is exciting because the art could be based on their perception of something I see daily.

I believe the program has helped me grow in many ways. The program has been a good practice run for when I do my Honors Capstone and other future projects. I also got to know a mentor on a more personal basis who can help guide me through my personal life and help me learn. I also got to learn more about internal audit to the point where I am comfortable doing my internship this summer at Navistar. I learned enough about internal audit to where I am able to compete with the older students. I plan to continue me research whether I am at NIU or another school of choice.

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