Reflection on my Research Experience

I am extremely excited for Undergrad Research and Artistry Day (URAD) to be here. It is finally the opportunity for my to show off all my hard work and to share what I learned with others. I am also very excited to see what my other fellow Research Rookies have learned in the past academic year. I think it will be interesting to actually see what they have been working on, instead of trying to imagine their experiments as they talk about it at meetings. The Research Rookies program has not given us a lot of time to understand each others research projects, so URAD will give me the opportunity to understand what research is being performed in other colleges. I also am excited to see what older business students have researched to help me get a better of how to the next steps in my research career. I am nervous to speak only in front of the judges because I am afraid my faculty mentor and myself overlooked a variable in our study. There professional experiences in the business world make me worried for what they can critique me on.

My next steps with my undergraduate research will be in the form of a Honors Capstone. Research for business students is not common for business students and do not offer much benefit when applying for graduate school. I decided to continue my research in the form of the capstone so I can graduate with Upper Division Honors Distinction. I plan to do my Honor Capstone on the audit challenges of the rest of the B.R.I.C. countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China). These countries have a great potential economic growth. With these economies growing rapidly, businesses will move into these markets to earn greater profits. With this internal auditors need to know the challenges of performing an audit in each region. Much like my current research did with China, I plan to follow with the other cultures. I also will move into business consulting in the form of research. Instead of researching a topic, I plan to research companies and suggest ways to help boost efficiency and profits. I will do this through the ELC program or as an independent.

Overall, I enjoyed my Research Rookies experience. I got to meet a lot of interesting people who became part of my professional network. I have gained mentors in the process and received a lot of good advice about the field of accounting. I also learned about the area of internal audit which will help me in my field. I would like to thank Dr. Sinason for all his help with my research. His guidance has really been a big help in performing my research.

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